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Freeze-Dried Food: What’s the Purpose of It

Freeze Dried Food: What’s the Purpose of It?

Nov 16, 2022

Janette dArgy

The short answer regarding the purpose of freeze dried food is: it is a convenient, tasty meal, travels well, and has an amazing shelf life.  

Truth be told, it takes food that you already love and turns it into something magical. There are plenty of skeptical people out there who think there is no way that freeze dried food can taste good, but once you give it a chance, you’ll see just how awesome it is. Honestly though, does something so tasty really need a purpose other than it is perfect for making your hungry belly as happy as a freeze dried clam

To give you a better idea of why this type of food exists, we’ll start at the beginning. 

Freeze drying was invented in 1906 by Jacques-Arsene d’Arsonval in Paris at the College de France. Then it became an important process during World War II because freeze drying was implemented to preserve blood serum. 

Now it is one of the most important processes for preserving heat-sensitive biological materials. Freeze drying food started its journey in the 1950s, but today it is a widely used process for a wide range of products, such as pharmaceuticals and, of course, food. 

Also, we have to mention the Japanese monks of Osaka on Mount Koya. They developed a similar process that was used in the war and applied it to tofu, which uses bean curd to make “koyadofu.” The bean curd is packed into the frozen-snowy mountainside, where atmospheric pressure and low temperatures make the moisture in the tofu evaporate quickly. 

The market for freeze dried products has been growing globally at a rate of 7.4% per year. The largest portion of these products live in the world of food, especially fruits. North America is leading in the freeze drying industry, followed closely by South America and Asia Pacific locations. 

To understand the purpose of this process, we’ll take a look at the basic science behind the magic and some of the associated benefits. 

The technical term for freeze drying is “lyophilization.” In this process, moisture in the product is crystallized at low temperatures and depleted by sublimation, which is the transition of liquid, to solid, to a gaseous state without melting. 

There are three stages to freeze drying: 

  1. Freezing
  2. Sublimation drying 
  3. Desorption drying 

Each stage is as equally important as the next. It is also vital to do this process quickly to avoid the formation of large ice crystals, which will bring down the quality of the product. 

Another important purpose of this type of food is to preserve color, flavor, nutritional value, and appearance. This is achieved by minimizing the risk of thermal damage to the nutrients in heat-sensitive foods. This process typically makes food crisper than conventional air-dried or dehydrated food. 

So, How Long Does Freeze Dried Food Last? And How Long is Freeze Dried Food Good For? 

The answer to both of these questions is the same. On average, a freeze dried product will have a shelf life of 25+ years.  This process will slow down bacteria's negative effects on regular foods. It even slows down spoilage after the package has been opened. 

Because of their immense shelf life, freeze dried food products are ideal for food storage. They are a great addition to any emergency-prepared storage unit. Not only will they last, but they are super delicious and nutritious. 

Many products can be eaten straight out of the bag or container, and a lot of the full meals only require adding water. And any good food storage worth its weight in salt should have water on hand, so it shouldn’t be a problem finding some to mix up a fine meal. 

Freeze dried food is not just for astronauts anymore. We’ve come a long way from the days when freeze dried ice cream was only meant for consumption in space. However, it would be pretty cool to have a freeze dried snack while roaming around in zero gravity. 

There is a scrumptious world of food out there that is sure you make you and your taste buds happy. Most foods can be freeze dried, which means most of your favorite foods are available. Craving spaghetti? You got it. Have a hankering for beef stew? You bet. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you’re sure to enjoy a complete meal made entirely from freeze dried food. 

Don’t worry; we didn’t forget about what is available for the snackers out there. You can find your favorite snack foods, such as fruits and vegetables, or grab a bag of your favorite trail mix. These treats are favorites among backpackers, campers, and hikers around the world. They are lightweight, which makes them easily transported and won’t weigh your pack down. Your backpack is likely already filled with essential items for braving the outdoors, and cans of food will only pack on the lbs. 

We’ve finally arrived at one of the most unique uses of this process: freeze dried candies. That’s right, give your sweet tooth something that it will brag about for years to come. What are some of the best freeze dried candies out there? 

Here are a few of the best of the best: 

  • Freeze dried Bit-O-Honey
  • Freeze dried Sweet-Tarts 
  • Freeze dried Fruity Tootsie Rolls 
  • Freeze dried Airhead Bites 
  • Freeze dried Skittles

That is just mentioning a few of the available options. You may be curious about what these candies taste like after the freeze drying process. Well, imagine that your favorite sweet treat became a light-fluffy pillow of sweet goodness that melts in your mouth. 

That is what you can expect with freeze dried candy. When it comes to freeze dried snacks, you’ll be delighted to grab a bag, put on a comfy pair of stretchy pants, and much on these snacks while you relax on the couch and watch your top Netflix shows. 

If you are curious about how delicious freeze dried candies are, contact us today at Candy Jan and give your most loved morsels a one-way ticket to your mouth.