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 Variety of chocolates in circular display.

Valentine’s Candy: 35 Perfect Options for Everyone From Kids to Adults

Dec 06, 2023

Janette dArgy

Ah, Valentine's Day! It's not only mushy cards and flowers; it's a carnival of sweet, sweet love — literally! Get ready to be whisked away on a whimsical journey through a world where chocolate-dipped strawberries are passé and Freeze dried delights reign supreme. 

Imagine the burst of traditional flavors with a modern, crunchy twist — that's what we're talking about this Valentine's Day. Whether you're wooing a sweetheart, treating the kiddos, or simply pampering yourself (because why not?), our lineup of 35 perfect Valentine's candies, featuring the star of the show — Freeze dried candies — is set to steal hearts faster than Cupid's arrow. 

Let's unwrap this treasure trove of treats, shall we?

1. Freeze dried chocolate raspberries: a berry-licious love affair

Start your Valentine's adventure with a bite of Freeze dried chocolate raspberries. These little morsels are a match made in heaven, combining the tartness of raspberries with the luxurious melt-in-your-mouth goodness of chocolate, all wrapped up in a delightful crunch. It's a dance of flavors and textures that will make your heart skip a beat!

2. Freeze dried Mambas: a tangy transformation

Think Mambas are merely a chewy treat? Think again! Freeze dried Mambas take the classic tangy flavors – from wild berry to citrus punch – and turn them into a crispy, crunchy delight. This innovative twist on a familiar favorite is ideal for gifting to your Valentine or enjoying a unique snack yourself (your secret's safe with us!).

3. Elegant Earl Grey chocolate truffles: for the sophisticated palate

For the adults in the room, elegant Earl Grey chocolate truffles are the epitome of refined indulgence. Imagine rich, creamy chocolate infused with the delicate notes of Earl Grey tea. Each truffle is a mini escapade into the world of luxury — a true treat for the discerning chocolate lover.

4. Carmel Apple Pops: a Freeze dried taste explosion

Imagine lollipops transformed into a Freeze dried extravaganza. Caramel Apple Pops are more than candy on a stick; they are a vibrant burst of flavors, from tangy to sweet, offering a taste experience that's out of this world. They're a hit with kids and adults alike and add a touch of fun to Valentine's Day.

nutty romantics

5. Hazelnut heaven: for the nutty romantics

There's something undeniably romantic about the combination of hazelnuts and chocolate. Candies that belong in Hazelnut Heaven merge these two in a delightful dance of flavors. These candies are a sophisticated twist on a beloved classic, perfect for those who love their treats with a hint of nutty richness.

6. Fiery ginger chocolates: spice it up!

Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to spice things up, and fiery ginger chocolates do exactly that. This bold combination of zesty ginger and smooth chocolate creates a tantalizing flavor profile that will ignite the senses and add a bit of excitement to the celebration.

7. Love bites: Freeze dried strawberry cheesecake pieces

Love bites offer a unique twist on traditional Valentine's treats, featuring Freeze dried strawberry cheesecake pieces. This innovative approach turns a classic dessert into a portable, bite-sized candy, delivering a harmonious blend of tangy strawberries and creamy cheesecake in every crunchy bite.

8. Amaretto almond delights: a toast to love

Amaretto almond delights are a sophisticated choice for those looking to celebrate love with a hint of elegance. The subtle amaretto flavor, combined with the crunch of almonds, offers a refined and indulgent experience, perfect for savoring those unique Valentine's moments.

9. Fizzy champagne gummies: celebrate with bubbles

Champagne and celebrations go hand-in-hand, and fizzy Champagne Gummies bring this festive spirit into the candy realm. These gummies mimic the bubbly sensation of champagne, adding a playful and effervescent touch to Valentine's Day festivities.

10. Freeze dried caramel bundles: a crunchy caramel twist

Imagine the rich, buttery goodness of caramel, but not as you know it. Freeze dried Caramel Bundles take the ooey-gooey delight we all love and spin it into a light, crunchy sensation that's utterly unique. Each bundle is like a tiny, edible comet, trailing a sweet caramel flavor as it zips across your taste buds. It's a playful reversal of everything you thought caramel could be — no stickiness; instead, it’s a satisfying snap that dissolves into heavenly sweetness. 

11. Sizzling sriracha peanuts: for the spice lovers

Sizzling sriracha peanuts are a must-try for those who like their love with a bit of heat. These peanuts are coated in a fiery sriracha seasoning, offering a spicy kick that contrasts beautifully with the nutty crunch. It's a bold choice for spice enthusiasts looking to add zest to their Valentine's Day treats.

12. Savory cheese crisps: a cheesy twist

Who says Valentine's Day treats need to be sweet? Savory cheese crisps provide a delightful alternative. These light, airy crisps pack a punch of cheese flavor, making them an excellent choice for those who prefer savory over sweet. They're perfect for an intimate Valentine's picnic or a cozy movie night.

13. Olive tapenade bites: Mediterranean magic

Olive tapenade bites are an elegant choice for a taste of the Mediterranean. These small, savory morsels are rich in olive flavor, combined with hints of garlic and herbs. They're a sophisticated snack that pairs wonderfully with a glass of wine, ideal for a refined Valentine's celebration.

14. Rosemary and sea salt roasted almonds: herbal bliss

Rosemary and sea salt roasted almonds are a harmonious blend of earthy and salty flavors. The rosemary adds a fragrant, herbal note to the crunchy almonds, creating a delicious and aromatic snack. These almonds are perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life, even in their snack choices.

15. Sun-dried tomato pesto snack mix: a flavorful journey

The sun-dried tomato pesto snack mix is the way to go for a snack that's a little bit of everything. Add a dash of Dried Tomato & Garlic Pesto Mix to a variety of nuts, seeds, popcorn, etc., for an added flavor explosion. They’re great for sharing or enjoying solo.

16. Garlic and herb crouton crunch: a crispy delight

Garlic and herb crouton crunch is a must-have, adding a crunchy dimension to any Valentine's Day spread. These crispy croutons are seasoned with a blend of garlic and herbs, offering a burst of flavor that complements any soup or salad or stands alone as a satisfying snack.

17. Smoked salmon jerky: for the seafood aficionado

Smoked Salmon Jerky is a unique and luxurious choice for seafood lovers. This jerky combines the smoky flavor of salmon with a chewy yet tender texture, making it an unforgettable snack experience. It's a gourmet twist that will impress on a day of love and indulgence.

18. Truffle-infused mixed nuts: decadence in every bite

For a truly decadent snack, truffle-infused mixed nuts are the answer. This upscale mix features a variety of nuts, each infused with the rich, earthy flavor of truffles. It's an indulgent treat perfect for a luxurious Valentine's Day celebration.

19. Pickled vegetable medley: a tangy treat

Adding a tangy twist to the Valentine's Day snack lineup, a pickled vegetable medley is refreshing and flavorful. This medley includes a variety of vegetables, each pickled to perfection, offering a crisp, tangy bite that's a great palate cleanser between sweeter treats.

a simple pleasure

20. Artisanal olive oil and sea salt popcorn: a simple pleasure

Sometimes, simplicity is key, and artisanal olive oil and sea salt popcorn embody this perfectly. Lightly coated with high-quality olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt, this popcorn is a simple yet sophisticated snack perfect for a cozy Valentine's movie night.

21. Lemon and thyme infused olives: a zesty affair

These olives are not your average snack. Infused with the brightness of lemon and the subtle earthiness of thyme, they offer a zesty, herbaceous flavor profile. They're a sophisticated snack, perfect for those who enjoy a combination of tart and savory notes.

22. Spiced mango chutney spread: sweet heat

Spiced mango chutney spread is an excellent choice for a tropical twist. This spread is an explosion of flavors, combining the sweetness of mango with a kick of spices. It's great paired with crackers or a unique topping on a Valentine's cheeseboard.

23. Aged balsamic vinegar and parmesan chips: an Italian dream

A gourmet delight that is easy to make. This snacktastic dream blends the rich flavors of aged balsamic vinegar and Parmesan cheese. They offer a complex taste that's tangy and cheesy, making them a perfect snack for those who appreciate the finer flavors in life.

24. Wasabi peas: a fiery crunch

For those who love a bit of heat, wasabi peas are the perfect snack. The peas are crispy and coated with a spicy wasabi flavor that packs a punch. They're great for a playful, spicy snack that's sure to wake up the taste buds.

25. Freeze dried Big Hunk: a crunchy nougat adventure

The timeless Big Hunk bar takes on an exciting new form in our Freeze dried collection. This classic nougat, known for its long, chewy texture and honeyed peanut flavor, transforms into a light, airy snack with a satisfying crunch. It's a perfect treat for those looking to savor a familiar favorite in a new way. Whether as a novel snack for yourself or a unique gift for your sweetheart, Freeze dried Big Hunk will surely be a hit this Valentine's Day.

26. Smoked Gouda and onion crisps: a flavorful pairing

The rich, smoky flavor of Gouda pairs perfectly with the sweetness of onions in these crisps. They offer a satisfying crunch and a depth of flavor to please cheese lovers looking for a twist on traditional flavors.

27. Roasted pumpkin seeds with chili lime: a zesty snack

These pumpkin seeds are a delightful snack with a kick. Roasted to perfection and seasoned with chili and lime, they offer a tangy, spicy, refreshing, and satisfying flavor. They're great for snacking or as a zesty addition to salads.

28. Freeze dried Skittles: A rainbow reimagined

Step into a world where rainbows crunch under your teeth - welcome to the whimsical world of Freeze dried Skittles. Gone is the familiar chewiness, replaced by an intriguing, light-as-air crunch that pops with every bite. Each Skittle, now a vibrant, crispy morsel, bursts with a more intense version of the fruity flavors we all adore. It's like a fruit-flavored firework show in your mouth, with every color of the rainbow delivering its own unique symphony of taste.

29. Garlic herb stuffed mushrooms: a savory delight

These stuffed mushrooms are a savory treat, perfect for a romantic evening. Filled with a garlic herb mixture, they're flavorful, juicy, and satisfying. They're great as appetizers or side dishes for a special Valentine's dinner.

30. Honey roasted fig bites: sweet sophistication

Honey-roasted fig bites are a sophisticated treat. The natural sweetness of figs, enhanced with a touch of honey, offers a rich, indulgent flavor. They're perfect for those who enjoy a naturally sweet yet nuanced snack.

31. Rosemary-infused cashews: an herby crunch

Adding an aromatic twist to a classic nut, Rosemary Infused Cashews blend the rich, buttery flavor of cashews with the fragrant, piney notes of rosemary. This combination offers a sophisticated snack perfect for nibbling on a romantic evening.

a zesty bite

32. Spicy tomato relish crostinis: a zesty bite

Spicy tomato relish crostinis provides a delightful balance of spicy and tangy flavors. The crispy crostini base topped with a zesty tomato relish creates a snack that's both flavorful and satisfying, ideal for those who enjoy a little heat in their treats.

33. Bourbon glazed pecans: a boozy twist

For a touch of indulgence, bourbon-glazed pecans are a fantastic choice. The deep, rich flavors of bourbon meld beautifully with the natural sweetness of pecans, creating a decadent, crunchy treat. It's a classy and boozy addition to any Valentine's Day celebration.

34. Savory spinach and feta pastry bites: a flaky delight

These bites combine the creamy tanginess of feta cheese with the earthy taste of spinach, all encased in flaky pastry. They're a savory delight that offers a gourmet experience in each bite, perfect for those who appreciate a good pastry.

35. Chocolate chili truffle popcorn: a sweet and spicy surprise

Last but not least, Chocolate chili truffle popcorn is a unique blend of sweet chocolate and spicy chili. The popcorn is coated in a rich, chocolatey layer with a hint of chili heat, creating an intriguing mix of unexpected and delicious flavors.

Valentine's Day is a celebration of love in its many forms, and what better way to express it than through a carefully chosen array of delightful treats? 

This selection of 35 unique candies and snacks ensures something special for everyone. Whether you're looking to surprise a significant other, treat your family and friends, or simply indulge in your love for fine flavors, this list provides many options to make Valentine's Day memorable.

Let these treats be more than snacks; let them be expressions of affection, tokens of appreciation, and symbols of the joyous moments shared with loved ones. Each bite is an adventure, an opportunity to explore new tastes and create new memories. This Valentine's Day, step beyond the ordinary and explore the extraordinary with these tantalizing options. 

Celebrate love and relationships and the joy of togetherness with flavors that resonate with every palate.

So, pick your favorites from this diverse selection, and let the magic of these flavors add an extra sprinkle of love to your Valentine's Day celebrations. Happy Valentine's Day!

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