Candy Jan Co: Freeze-Dried Candy Skittles
Candy Jan Co: Freeze-Dried Candy Skittles
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Freeze-Dried Freetles

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Delightfully crunchy and intense original Freetles flavor.

If you're a fan of Skittles candy, you may have heard of freeze-dried Skittles. These unique treats have gained popularity in recent years thanks to their unusual texture and flavor. But have you ever wondered what happens when Skittles are freeze-dried? 

When Skittles are freeze-dried, the moisture is removed from the candy, leaving behind a crunchy, airy texture. The freeze-drying process also intensifies the flavor of the candy, making it taste more concentrated than regular Skittles. 

Freeze-dried Skittles have become popular for their unique texture and flavor. They are often used in trail mixes and as a topping for desserts. Some people even enjoy snacking on freeze-dried Skittles straight out of the bag.

The benefits of freeze-drying Skittles

One of the biggest benefits of freeze-drying Skittles is their extended shelf life. Because the moisture has been removed from the candy, freeze-dried Skittles can last for years without spoiling if they are properly packaged. This makes them a great option for camping trips, road trips, and other outdoor activities.

Freeze-dried Skittles are a unique and tasty treat that has gained popularity in recent years. They are created through the process of freeze-drying, which removes the moisture from the candy and leaves behind a crunchy, airy texture. Try freeze-dried Skittles for yourself and experience the delicious, concentrated flavor and satisfying crunch!

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Kimberly Keen (Sebastian, US)

Awesome..amazing,..wonderful..mind blown.and delicious. Thank you for speedy shipping also. Kim keen
Thanks again Kim keen.

Tara Dorr (Houlton, US)

Freeze-Dried Freetles

ED DONOHO (Dallas, US)
Great Candy

Everything was awesome, until I hit the black licorice salt water taffy. YUCK! Lol Still finished it all off.

Macie Dykstra (West Bloomfield, US)
Great freeze dried candies!

Shipping was fast, and my order was delivered in great condition. Everything I ordered was delicious!

Clarissa Graham (Jersey City, US)
The Best

Out of all the candy I ordered Freetles are our favorite. I bought 2 10oz bags and between my husband and self they were gone in 3 days. I ordered 3 more and will continue.