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Unique Treats to Give Your Valentine Instead of a Box of Chocolates

Unique Treats to Give Your Valentine Instead of a Box of Chocolates

Jan 18, 2023

Janette dArgy

People should be able to celebrate love without a dedicated time or date. Still, thanks to a Christian saint and martyr, we get an entire day (Valentine's Day) to show those around us how much we love and appreciate them in our lives. So, who is this St. Valentine? 

He is the patron saint of love, young people, and happy marriages. The exact details of his life and the reasons for his sainthood are not well known, as the earliest accounts of his life are based on legend. 

It is believed that he was a priest who lived in the third century in Rome. According to one legend, Saint Valentine was imprisoned for secretly marrying couples in love who were not allowed to marry because the Roman Emperor Claudius II had banned marriage to have more unmarried soldiers. 

In another legend, Saint Valentine was imprisoned for helping Christians escape persecution. While in prison, he is said to have healed the daughter of his jailer. And, before he was executed, he left her a note signed "Your Valentine" as a farewell. The holiday of Valentine's Day is named in honor of Saint Valentine.

Now that we know where the day got its name from, let's look at how that turned into a day filled with all kinds of loving gifts, including flowers and sweet treats, like heart-shaped boxes filled with various chocolatey goodies. However, not everyone loves chocolate. I know… hard to believe, but it's true. 

This article will focus on non-chocolate candy, unique food gifts, and other non-candy Valentine's ideas. 

An excellent gift for your sweetheart is a basket full of their favorite sugary delights. Let's start with well-known and beloved non-chocolate candy items that you're sure to recognize, such as Skittles, Starbursts, Haribo Gold-Bears, Nerds, Airheads, Swedish Fish, Werther's Originals, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Sour Punch Straws, and Jolly Ranchers… to name a few. 

A basket or bag filled with traditional non-chocolate candies is always a good idea. However, here is an even better idea – give them a variety of some of the unique candies on the market. Nothing says I Love You (with an element of surprise) like a box, bag, or basket full of sweets such as: 

Gourmet gummy candy  

Gummy candy should not be bland or boring. This chewy treat comes in various delicious flavors, such as Strawberry Daiquiri Hearts, Rosé All Day Bears, Pink Diamonds, Island Pineapples, Apple Frogs, Sour Frogs, Kombucha Bears, etc. 

Strange and Weird Candy Canes  

Sure, you could stick to the traditional mint candy canes. Still, you would be missing out on some of these genuinely unique flavors available in candy cane form: Bacon, Funfetti Cake, Pickle, Mac & Cheese, Caesar Salad, Hot Dog, Sardine, Brisket, and Ketchup… to name a few. 

Off the Wall Jelly Beans 

If you are a Harry Potter fan, you've probably tried a box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, but the fun doesn't stop there. Take a look at what else the world of jelly beans has to offer: 

Sweet – Pancakes and Maple Syrup, Egg Nog, Lychee, Tiramisu, Chocolate Pudding, and Kids Mix

Spicy – Tabasco, Habanero Pepper, Wasabi, Sizzling Cinnamon, and BeanBoozled Fiery Five Challenge. 

Extra odd – Barbecue Banana, Bacon, Buttered Popcorn, Cocktail Classics, and Draft Beer.

Down-right tasty – Margarita, Chili Mango, and Green Tea. 

Or, if you want to get extra yucky – Ear Wax, Earthworm, Vomit, Boogers, and Baby Wipes. 

Freeze Dried Candy

Just when you thought your favorite sweet snacks couldn't get any better… now your taste buds can be delighted by the magic that happens when candy is freeze dried. This process turns your favorite candies, such as Skittles, Milk Duds, Marshmallows, Tootsie Rolls, and many more melt-in-your-mouth pillows of joy. This perfect gift is guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of your loved ones this Valentine's Day. 

How about unique food gifts that do not include candy? 

  • Fruit – A healthy and delicious option is to give your Valentine a fruit basket filled with their favorite fruits.
  • Veggies – Yep, this is a perfect basket of healthy and delicious goodies that are great for those in your life who like to eat on the healthy side or who love to cook. This can also be a special gift if the vegetables come from your garden. 
  • Baked goods – You can bake cookies, cakes, or other treats for your Valentine. You could also buy baked goods from a local bakery or order them online.
  • Gourmet items – You could create a gift basket filled with treats, such as gourmet popcorn, artisanal jams, pretzels, or gourmet teas.

Food may not be your gift-giving jam. However, there are plenty of non-edible things you can give that will make a heartfelt gift for someone special in your life on Valentine's Day, such as: 

  • Flowers – A bouquet is a classic and thoughtful gift for Valentine's Day. You don't need to get crazy and spend a zillion dollars on flowers. You could get a single flower or get crafty and give them personalized flower artwork. A drawing, a framed picture, or a mosh posh of colored cardstock will show them you care. 
  • Personalized gift – Consider giving a personalized gift, such as a custom piece of jewelry or a monogrammed item, like wine glasses, shot glasses, or tumblers. 
  • Experience – An experience, such as tickets to a show, a certificate for a pottery class, a weekend getaway at your favorite resort, or a gift certificate for a couple's massage can be a unique and memorable gift.

Here are a few very important parting shots to consider when giving a Valentine's Day gift:

  1. Consider the recipient's tastes and interests. Giving a gift that the person will appreciate and enjoy is important.
  2. Think about the relationship. A gift for a romantic partner should be more personal and intimate than a gift for a friend or family member.
  3. Pay attention to the details. It's the thought that counts, and putting effort into selecting or creating a gift shows that you care.
  4. Remember the card! A thoughtful message can make the gift feel even more special.

Overall, the most important thing is to show that you care about the person and have put thought into the gift.

Get a head start this year on finding the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Let Candy Jan be your cupid this year by helping you put together a wonderful gift to show how much you love and appreciate someone. It will touch their heart and tickle their tastebuds.