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Freeze Dried Candy for Emergency Preparedness: 7 Reasons to Put It In a Survival Kit

Feb 27, 2024

Janette dArgy

When you picture an emergency survival kit, your mind probably conjures images of water purifiers, thermal blankets, and a rugged flashlight. But nestled between the essentials, imagine finding a splash of color and a burst of flavor: freeze dried candy

It's the unexpected hero, ready to add a sprinkle of joy to your preparedness plan. Who said survival couldn't have a sweet side? It may be as easy as adding some freeze dried taffy

Let's face it: preparing for the unknown isn't merely about ticking boxes on a practical checklist; it's also about ensuring physical and emotional resilience. That's where freeze dried candy comes into play, offering a tasty snack and a beacon of light in challenging times. 

From its impressive shelf life to its morale-boosting powers, we will explore why adding freeze dried candy to your survival kit is not only a clever move but perhaps an essential one.

So, grab a candy (freeze dried, if you have one handy), and let's unwrap the colorful, crunchy, and utterly compelling case for making freeze dried candy a staple in your emergency preparedness arsenal. Trust us; this is one addition to your survival kit that sweetly balances practicality with a much-needed touch of whimsy and delight.

1 – Long shelf life: the time traveler of snacks

Imagine a snack that could outlast your smartphone's model relevance. That's freeze dried candy for you. The freeze drying process removes moisture, halting the biological and chemical reactions that cause food to spoil. 

This means your freeze dried mango slices sit patiently, waiting for their time to shine, whether six months or several years from now. In an emergency, having food that doesn't demand constant replacement is like having a reliable friend in your corner — always ready, never demanding. 

Plus, this longevity champions sustainability, reducing the need for frequent grocery runs and minimizing food waste. It's the kind of snack that's prepared for an uncertain future and respects our planet. 

So, when you reach for that pack of freeze dried candy, you're not simply choosing a durable treat; you're selecting a snack that's as considerate of the environment as it is delicious and convenient. Think freeze dried milk dudes, skittles, and fruity marshmallows (all scrumptious choices). 

2 – Light and compact: the featherweight champion of snacksweight

Every gram in your backpack is a decision between necessity and luxury in emergency preparedness. Freeze dried candy champions the cause of both. Removing water from candy not only extends its shelf life but also its gravity-defying lightness. 

You could carry enough freeze dried candy to host a small party without feeling the weight. This compact powerhouse of sweetness ensures that your survival kit remains light on your shoulders but heavy on options.

A pile of mixed nuts and dried fruits


3 – Energy boost: your sweet little dynamo

When your energy is waning, and you need a quick pick-me-up, freeze dried candy gives you a pat on the back, a pep talk, and sends you on your way. The concentrated sugars provide an almost instantaneous energy source, perfect for keeping moving or staying alert. 

Freeze dried candy is a grab-and-go solution to your mid-adventure slump, unlike other high-energy snacks that might require preparation or refrigeration. Plus, its lightweight nature won't weigh you down as you tackle the day's challenges. 

The variety of flavors also ensures that palate fatigue never sets in, keeping your taste buds as energized as your spirit. And with its mess-free packaging, you indulge without any cleanup, keeping your focus sharp and your energy levels high. So, when the path gets tough, remember that a little burst of sweetness will propel you forward, turning your low moments into leaps of progress.

4 – Morale booster: a spoonful of sugar for the spirits

The psychological impact of enjoying a piece of your favorite candy cannot be understated, especially in stressful situations. It's a small reminder of normalcy and comfort — a culinary hug, if you will. Sharing a pack of freeze dried candy also becomes a bonding experience, turning a moment of survival into an impromptu celebration of resilience and togetherness. It's not simply candy; it's a morale-boosting, spirit-lifting, smile-inducing miracle.

5 – Versatility: more than meets the eye

Beyond being a treat, freeze dried candy has a few tricks up its sleeve. Some types may also be rehydrated to make jams or dessert toppings, adding a sweet twist to your emergency meals. 

In dire situations, their bright colors and sweet scent could even aid in trapping or fishing, proving that freeze dried candy is not only delicious but also surprisingly practical. These candies serve as a quick source of energy during physically demanding activities, ensuring you're always at your best. 

Their compactness and ease of transport make them an excellent bartering tool in scenarios where traditional currency might lose its value. Additionally, teaching others how to use freeze dried candy creatively fosters community and sharing of knowledge in survival situations. So, it's clear that freeze dried candy packs more than flavor; it's a multifaceted survival tool hidden in a delightful package.

6 – Durability: the rugged survivor

Survival situations are no place for the faint-hearted or the melt-prone. Traditional candies might become sticky at the bottom of your pack, but freeze dried candies hold their shape and texture through thick and thin. They withstand temperature fluctuations, jostling, and compression without breaking down, making them an ideal companion for the rough and tumble of emergencies.

7 – Dietary considerations: inclusive indulgence

The last thing anyone wants in an emergency is a food item they can't enjoy due to dietary restrictions. Freeze dried candies often come in varieties catering to gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan diets, ensuring everyone has access to a comforting treat. It's an inclusive approach to emergency preparedness, ensuring that no one has to compromise their health or comfort for the sake of survival.

Incorporating freeze dried candy into your emergency kit is a decision that marries practicality with pleasure and preparedness with indulgence. It acknowledges that surviving is not only about making it through but about thriving, maintaining one's spirit, and finding joy in the little things — even if that little thing is a piece of freeze dried candy.

As we zip up our exploration of freeze dried candy's role in emergency preparedness, it's clear this isn't about indulging a sweet tooth but smart survival with a twist. Including freeze dried candy in your survival kit transcends the conventional, blending the practical with the pleasurable and proving that preparedness has perks.

Emergency Survival Kit


Remember, building a survival kit that caters to physical needs and emotional well-being could make all the difference when the going gets tough. Freeze dried candy, with its long shelf life, lightweight charm, and morale-boosting magic, offers a taste of normalcy and comfort in the most abnormal situations. It's a reminder that joy does not have to be the first casualty in an emergency.

So, as you evaluate your emergency gear, consider giving freeze dried candy its rightful place among the essentials. It's more than a sweet treat; it's a versatile, durable, and inclusive addition that ensures your survival kit is prepared for anything — while keeping spirits high and taste buds happy.

Stocking your kit with freeze dried candy packs a little hope alongside the necessities — a small gesture that brightens the darkest days. Because with the right gear and a bit of candy, you're not simply surviving; you’re thriving, one flavorful bite at a time.

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