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  • 10 Candies Not to Freeze-Dry and Why

    One of the great discoveries of modern science is freeze-dried candy, but among these culinary marvels, we’ve identified candies not to freeze-dry. Let’s discuss what they are and why they don’t freeze-dry well.
  • Great Uses for Freeze-Dried Candy Besides Munching Right Away

    There is something so munchable about freeze-dried candy, but there are many more uses for this unique treat than just eating it right away! Learn more about ways to use freeze-dried candies.
  • 10 Freeze-Dried Candy Facts You Hadn't Thought Of

    Here are a few facts about freeze-dried candy that you probably haven’t heard, and if you have, you may not have realized how significant they are. 
  • Does Freeze-Dried Candy Actually Taste Good?

    Let us try to answer one of the biggest questions surrounding the freeze-dried candy craze: “Does it taste good?” We’ve spent a great deal of time discussing this question ourselves, and the conclusion we’ve come to is it’s like nothing else we’ve ever tasted.
  • How Does Freeze-Drying Work?

      From doomsday preppers to frugal enthusiasts, many people have become intensely interested in freeze-drying over the last few years. Freeze-dried...