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How Long Does Freeze-Dried Candy Last?

How Long Does Freeze Dried Candy Last and Other FAQs

Apr 12, 2022

Janette dArgy

If you want to dive into the world of Freeze Dried candy, there's no doubt you probably have a lot of questions on your mind!

We don’t jealously guard information about Freeze drying to keep you guessing, so here are some of the most common questions we get about Freeze Dried candy!

How Long Does Freeze drying Last?

The process of Freeze drying removes between 98%-99% of all moisture in food. Bulky machines that can create a low-pressure environment and sustain very low temperatures for hours remove as much moisture as possible from the food. 

Freeze Dried food retains almost none of the moisture it originally had. As microorganisms need moisture to break down food, the lack of water in Freeze Dried goods makes that process impossible. 

Goods preserved through Freeze drying have the longest shelf life of any food. Freeze Dried food storage will last nearly a quarter of a century when kept in a dry and controlled environment.

What Is Freeze Dried Candy?

Simply put, Freeze Dried candy is any candy that has been preserved through Freeze drying; it’s frozen to ultra-low temperatures and exposed to a vacuum and heat until almost all the water evaporates.

Candy preserved this way lasts longer, takes on a unique texture, and even tastes sweeter!

If you are looking for a new way to incorporate sweets into your life, try it out! Freeze Dried candies make great snacks and are excellent for stand-alone snacks, dessert toppings, trail mix, and more!

Is the Candy Actually Frozen?

When candy is Freeze Dried, it is frozen solid in temperatures well below freezing. A mixed low pressure and gradual heating process extracts almost all the water from your food. This process takes a while; some batches of food can take between 24 and 48 hours!

Once the process is complete, your food will be dry and crunchy. There is little to no water left, so the texture changes and the shelf life is expanded by decades!

Does It Need To Be Refrigerated?

Because the word freeze is used in Freeze Dried food, some may think that once preserved, Freeze Dried foods have to remain frozen—this is not true. You can keep Freeze Dried foods at room temperature.

Once the Freeze drying process finishes, there is no more need to keep them cold. These foods should, however, be kept in a dry environment. The more moisture this type of preserved food is exposed to, the more likely it will absorb water and start to decompose.

Freeze Dried foods will last about 25 years without refrigeration in the right conditions. This longevity makes it the perfect way to preserve food for long-term storage.

What Does Freeze Dried Candy Taste Like?

When candy is frozen down to very low temperatures and all the water is extracted, the texture changes from heavy and chewy to light and crunchy. Freeze Dried candies are a delicious twist on a familiar favorite that anyone can enjoy.

While most moisture leaves candy, the flavor remains. The light and crunchy texture releases all the flavor at once. So, generally, chewier sweets tend to have an enhanced flavor when they are Freeze Dried. You don’t need to add anything to make them this way; they come out naturally bursting with flavor.

What's the Point of Freeze Dried Candy?

There are many reasons why Freeze Dried candies are popular. The most popular use for preserved food and candy is food storage. Foods preserved with Freeze drying have a much higher shelf life than any other type of food. Sugar is an important part of our diet and shouldn’t be ignored when stocking your food storage shelves.

Freeze Dried candy is great for other things too! It is fun to try a different spin on all your favorite candies. Freeze drying changes the texture from hard or chewy to crisp and crunchy. These sweets make great snacks, and you can use them in baking, trail mixes, and everywhere else you can imagine. 

You can try these candies alone or enjoy them with friends. Regardless of how you have them, eating one will be a unique experience.

Why Do You Freeze-dry Candy?

We freeze dry candies because we love them and want to share them with the world! 

Eating Freeze Dried candy is unlike eating any other type of candy. The texture is unique, and the flavor is enhanced; it’s just too good not to share!

You can pack Freeze Dried candy everywhere without having to worry about refrigeration. So long as your Freeze Dried candy stays in a relatively moderate and dry place, you won’t have to worry about keeping it fresh. It lasts for decades!

What is the Difference Between Freeze drying and Dehydrating?

Dehydrating and freeze drying are often confused with each other. Each approach to preserving food takes large quantities of water out of the food. Dehydrating can be done with less sophisticated methods, such as putting your food in direct sunlight for a few consecutive days or using a relatively inexpensive dehydrator.

It takes more effort to freeze dry food than to dehydrate it. The difference between the end product is stark. Dehydration removes between 80%-95% of the water from food, extending its shelf life anywhere from one month to a full year. On the other hand, freeze drying draws out 98%-99% of the water in food, which extends its shelf life by up to 25 years.

The extra decades that Freeze drying adds to a food's freshness make it a far superior method of preserving food.

Is Freeze drying Worth It?

The buy-in price for Freeze drying is high. Freeze-dry machines typically cost a few thousand dollars and take a long time to preserve food. But, if you have been working on building long-lasting food storage, Freeze drying is the way.

No other type of food will last as long as food preserved through Freeze drying, which makes it the best long-term food storage option.

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