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freeze dried food benefits you may not know about

Freeze Dried Food Benefits You May Not Know About

Oct 05, 2022

Janette dArgy

If you are among those who are unsure what freeze dried food is and what benefits come with it, your mind hole is about to be filled with knowledge. The process of freeze drying is relatively modern. Most likely, you'll find that anyone with a basement, cellar, or storage unit filled with emergency supplies will, most likely, have a variety of freeze dried goodies on their shelves. 

Freeze dried trail mix, snacks, fruits, and other consumable morsels are favorites among avid hikers, campers, backpackers, and outdoor enthusiasts. They are compact, lightweight, and, most of all, delicious. However, they are not just good for tickling your tastebuds. 

You'll find them packed with vitamins and minerals that benefit your health and provide energy. However, you don't have to be on a trail to enjoy a bag of freeze dried yummies. You can share them with your friends and family (or keep them for yourself) while you binge-watch your favorite Netflix series. 

Now here is the best part. Freeze dried food is not just a novelty way of consuming your favorite foods. On the contrary, there are heaping amounts of benefits that come along with it, such as: 

Ready-to-eat OR just add water. 

Easy-peasy serving is a noteworthy benefit of enjoying freeze dried food. When it comes to fruits, jerky, and other sweet treats, simply open the bag and enjoy. There are plenty of ready-to-eat options available in the land of freeze dried food. However, when it comes to the more substantial packaged meals, all they need is a bit of water to alakazam the contents into a hearty meal. 

The shelf life of your freeze dried, tasty nibbles is extraordinary. 

They are as good for you in the nutrition department up to 20 years from the purchase date as when you bought them. In addition, food storage businesses worldwide are growing more and more each day by offering various food options in freeze dried form. As a result, your shelves will be stocked with delicious food that will provide vital nutrients. Nutrients are required for everyday survival, as a source of energy, and are needed to maintain good health. 

It makes food more palatable. 

Palatable – "pleasant to taste." Some people may be surprised at how yummy freeze dried food can be. Unlike dehydrated food, which remains stiff, rigid, or crunchy after the dehydrating process (not a bad thing), just different from freeze dried food. When food goes through the freeze drying process, it can become soft again once placed in your mouth. 

For example, the feeze drying process distinguishes between a crunchy banana chip and a soft banana chew. Don't get me wrong, crunchy can be great, but a nice tender slice of melon can be a refreshing treat. 

You may be skeptical when holding a bag of frozen beef stew. Thoughts, such as "will this taste like cardboard?" Or "Am I eating dirt?" may cross your mind, but don't let these thoughts deter you from enjoying what will genuinely be a scrumptious stew. 

Significantly reduces the weight of your food. 

This fun fact is especially attractive to those who need to manually pack their food from place to place. Unfortunately, a heavily weighed-down backpack can put a damper on your meal plans. Food is necessary for survival but does not need to be the reason for additional weight to carry around while you hike, bike, backpack, or enjoy a weekend by the campfire under the stars. 

Freeze dried food retains over 90% of the nutrients found in the original fresh food. 

Consumers will almost always gravitate towards food options that include the originally desired nutrients. You get all the good stuff from fresh food. You're just enjoying it in a different form. The process of freeze drying food preserves the natural shape and color of the raw material., which reassures consumers that they are eating natural vegetables and fruits with actual nutritional value. 

The BEST benefit of freeze dried food – is SWEETS. 

Just when you thought the world of candy couldn't get any sweeter, the freeze dried process of candy is about to blow your mind. If you are among the masses who have not just one sweet tooth but a mouthful, you'll be happy to wander in the land of freeze dried candy

Freeze drying candy gives it an airy, easy-to-chew texture. This magic happens to the delicious ingredients during the expansion process. So let taffy dance on your taste buds like a saucy confectionery tango. 

The benefits of freeze drying are vast, from providing nutritional value, packaged to be lightweight and easy-to-carry, ready-to-eat, having an incredibly long shelf life, ideal for food storage, and much tastier than expected. And just as a fun fact: freeze dried cottage cheese can last up to 30 years unrefrigerated. 

Curious about more in-depth information about freeze dried lactose? You may also be interested in the article "Differences in the Physical State and Thermal Behavior of Spray-Dried and Freeze Dried Lactose and Lactose/Protein Mixtures" by the Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland. 

Now you know that freeze dried food is no longer only found on NASA's menu. Freeze dried ice cream is no longer only for astronauts. Foods of all kinds are available in freeze dried form. The possibilities are endless, from snacks such as fruits, vegetables, jerky, and candy to full meals, such as soups, chicken and beef dishes, or pasta. The possibilities are endless. 

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