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Freeze Dried Candy for Sweet and Savory Pairings: 8 Unique Flavor Combinations

Nov 22, 2023

Janette dArgy

Everyone loves Freeze Dried sweets, but have you ever paired them with savory food items to enjoy awesomely unique flavor combinations?

There's been a decades-long debate about which is better: sweet or savory. But what if you're somewhere in the middle and cannot decide? The good news is you can have your cake [Freeze Dried sweets] and eat [them] too! You don't have to choose!

While the idea of savory and sweet combinations isn't a groundbreaking concept, new sweet and salty combinations pop up all the time. Many love to pair fish and citrus, cinnamon and beef, or pork and raspberries. But remember, sweet and savory dishes aren't soley reserved for the main course. 

It's no wonder why these sweet and salty combinations are a favorite! The exciting trend of sweet and savory dishes has also taken the dessert world by storm, so you don't have to pick a side. You don't have to choose between the main course and dessert or sweet and savory. You can have it all. 

But what about Freeze Dried candy sweet and savory combinations?

Want to learn more about these unique flavor pairings? Continue scrolling below.

The History of Sweet and Salty Eats

Why are salty, sweet treats so loved? The answer is literally at the tip of your tongue! Well, it's actually all over your tongue. Remember the tongue mapping you likely learned as a child? The one where you tasted salt in the middle of your tongue, sour is tasted on the sides, and bitter in the back, etc. That's not exactly how it is.

Since then, we've learned that thousands of taste cells exist all over your tongue, not only in certain regions. Each cell comes packed with virtually countless receptors for all tastes on every single little papilla on your tongue.

What does this mean for savory sweet treats? 

You can thumb through any dessert cookbook or look at any recipe and find salt in almost every single one. That's because salt in sweet recipes helps bring out or highlight other flavors in the recipe. Salt also aids in balancing the sweetness, giving it a more complex flavor profile. This is why treats like salted caramels are so popular.

Salty treats have been around for a long time: corn dogs, dipping french fries into chocolate shakes, caramel popcorn, kettle corn, and so much more. But today's menus have amped up these flavor combinations, featuring popular items such as chicken and waffles, salted chocolate, bacon on maple donuts, and the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich — a sweet and salty staple.

Freeze Dried Sweets and Savory Pairings: 8 Unique Flavor Combinations

There are countless sweet and salty unique combinations to experience. But today, we're highlighting a handful of our favorite sweet and savory Freeze Dried candy combinations. 

Here are eight of our go-to, must-try salty-sweet combos you're sure to love:

Freeze Dried Caramel and Pretzels

A major draw to pairing caramels and pretzels is the textural contrast. However, one of the biggest complaints about eating caramels is that they get stuck in your teeth, sometimes causing dental issues. If you want to avoid this risk while still enjoying the salty-sweet treat, pretzels paired with Freeze Dried caramels are the way to go.

Sometimes, you need a little crunch — seriously, we understand the feeling! And the perfect way to get your crunch on and enjoy a sweet and salty treat is with pretzels and Freeze Dried caramels. Caramel and pretzels combine two flavor profiles, giving an effect that chefs have deemed as "flavor layering." Try classic Freeze Dried caramel bites or Freeze Dried Bit-O-Honey to experience this effect.

If Freeze Dried caramels and pretzels aren't enough, you can throw some chocolate into the mix. Pair your favorite pretzels with Freeze Dried chocolatey caramel items like Freeze Dried Milk Duds or Freeze Dried caramel M&Ms.

Colorful cereal and candy in a bowl.


Upgraded Trail Mix Surprise

Trail mix has been a go-to snack for decades. The base ingredients in trail mix, nuts, seeds, and granola provide a fantastic amount of protein, fiber, and healthy fat. Adding various types of dried fruit to the mix adds a pop of flavor and a boost of vitamins to form the perfect sweet and savory contrast.

If you're looking to make this snack even more popular on the trail, try adding some Freeze Dried sweets into the mix. Freeze Dried candy corn will give a subtle, sweet taste with an added crunch. Freeze Dried fruity marshmallows (similar to those you'd find in your favorite childhood cereal) add a sweet bite. 

Really, any Freeze Dried sweets you want to add to your trail mix will be a hit! Freeze Dried caramel M&Ms, Big Hunk chunks, caramel bites, Hi-Chews, and more. Seriously, throw in your favorite candy and enjoy! 

If choosing a favorite is too hard (we know how challenging that can be!), grab the Freeze Dried candy sampler or one of our bundles and throw in a few different Freeze Dried sweets and enjoy a myriad of unique flavor pairings.

Freeze Dried Caramel Lover Bundle with Bacon

People have major feelings about bacon, and for good reason! An entire group of people out there believe that bacon pairs well with everything. Put bacon in any recipe or on anything, and it makes it infinitely better, as simple as that! Grilled cheese with bacon? Yes, please! Bacon on a donut? Sign us up!

But when you think bacon might not get any better, candied bacon comes along. Professional chef Gordon Ramsey even has a candied bacon recipe that has gone viral and taken the world by storm.

If you don't want to dedicate time to making the candied version of bacon, pair your crispy bacon with your favorite crispified caramel candies. Bacon and Freeze Dried caramels are a match made in heaven.

The Ultimate Chex Mix

Chex mix is similar to trail mix but features a slightly different taste. The classic Chex mix recipe includes savory ingredients like garlic and onion powder, Worcestershire sauce, salted pretzels, garlic-flavored bagel chips, and more salty-savory flavors.

Enjoying a classic Chex mix is great and sometimes exactly what the taste buds ordered. But sometimes, taking it to the next level is necessary. If you are ready to indulge in the ultimate Chex mix, try sprinkling your favorite Freeze Dried candies in.

Any of the caramel-based, Freeze Dried sweets will pair well with the classic recipe. Or you can also branch out into options like Freeze Dried Frootie Tootsies Rolls, Mambas, Sweetart Minis, Skittles, or saltwater taffies. There's no wrong answer, and that's a beautiful thing!

This easy treat is a must-have at our house. It's perfect for grazing at work, on road trips, or throughout the week. It also makes for a great snack at any party — regardless of the holiday or occasion. Plus, it makes for a fun, edible neighbor or co-worker gift. Put some in a cute jar or cellophane bag, add some festive ribbon, and gift away.

Dark Chocolate and Freeze Dried Marshmallows

Milk chocolate is a sweet, sweet treat. Dark chocolate, on the other hand, has an entirely different taste. It is usually categorized based on its cocoa percentage (referring to the amount of cocoa butter and cocoa solids present).

Lower percentages indicate a milder, sweeter experience. At the same time, higher percentages indicate a more bitter and intense taste. So, while dark chocolate may not completely fit into the "savory" category, for our purposes and this article, it does.

For a sweet and salty treat featuring this savory delicacy, melt down your favorite dark chocolate and dip our Freeze Dried marshmallows into them. Let the chocolate harden, and enjoy! If fruity marshmallows aren't your thing, try dipping any Freeze Dried caramels into the dark chocolate.

Freeze Dried Favorites Tasting Bundle with Peanut Butter

If you are a peanut butter lover, this one's for you. Our Freeze Dried favorites tasting bundle features three classic candies: Freeze Dried Big Hunk chunks, Freeze Dried Milk Duds, and Freeze Dried Bit-O-Honey. Each of these, on its own, is great, but if you want a sweet and salty element, try dipping these in your favorite peanut butter.

Bit-O-Honey and Big Hunks already have salty notes thanks to their drool-worthy ingredients. However, adding chunky or creamy peanut butter or your go-to almond butter to these treats makes them even more of a salty, sweet treat you'll want to experience over and over.

Greek Yogurt and any Freeze Dried Candy

Greek yogurt has a unique flavor profile. It is tangy yet sweet. Savory, but sour. It has the ability to go in a myriad of directions on the palate, which is why it pairs so well with many different dishes and in various applications.

An easy way to incorporate Freeze Dried candies in a sweet and salty way is by adding them to a cup of Greek yogurt. Compared to the Freeze Dried candy, the Greek yogurt component takes on a more salty flavor and lets the candy shine.

Which candies should you add to your yogurt cup? That's the fun part! Take time to experiment and see which ones you like. A lot of people lean towards caramel or chocolate-flavored Freeze Dried candies. While others prefer the sweet and opt for once-chewy AirHeads, Mini Starbursts, or Taffys.

Potato chips and freeze-dried Milk Duds

Potato Chips and Freeze dried Milk Duds

The classic potato chip is the ultimate salty snack. It tastes so good because it hits three of the four major food craving components: salt, starch, and fat. The human body craves these things because starch and fat provide energy, and salt, well, salt makes everything better – it's scientifically proven!

There's a lot of science behind the love of chocolate, too. Phenylethylamine (PEA), a chemical compound found in chocolate, is known to increase levels of dopamine in the brain in areas where we feel pleasure and reward. This is why chocolate often triggers feelings of happiness and pleasure.

So why not pair the two together for an exciting salty-sweet treat? Who doesn't love a good potato chip? An even better question: who doesn't love freeze dried Milk Duds? We're guessing the answer is (close to) no one! \

]It's hard to say when the invention of the chocolate-covered potato chip occurred; some reports say it was over 100 years ago, while others say it wasn't until 1985. Either way, combining the chocolate and potato chips creates an entirely new taste sensation. To level up your experience even further, try freeze dried Milk Duds and your go-to chips.

Grab your favorite bag of potato chips — again, there's no wrong answer here, whether you prefer kettle-cooked chips with ridges, salt and vinegar, pepper-flavored chips, or something else — and toss some freeze dried Milk Duds into the bag and give it a good shake to mix it up.

Don't say we didn't warn you that you'll have serious cravings!

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