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Assorted freeze dried candies in a colorful pile, showcasing a variety of freeze dried candy flavors.

Can Freeze Dried Candy Melt? Debunking Freeze Dried Sweets Myths

May 22, 2024

Janette dArgy

Freeze dried candy is taking the snack world by storm. These crunchy, flavorful treats are quickly becoming favorites, but myths surround them. One burning question: can freeze dried candy melt? Let's bust this myth and learn more about these tasty sweets.

Curiosity about these unique snacks is skyrocketing. The freeze drying process works like magic, transforming ordinary sweets into something extraordinary. With all the buzz, it's time to set the record straight.

Grab your favorite, and Let's get started!

Myth: Freeze dried candy melts

People think this candy melts like regular candy. But freeze dried candies don't melt. The freeze drying process removes almost all the water from the candy, which is what usually causes melting. Without moisture, there's nothing to melt. It might get sticky on a humid day, but it won't turn into a gooey mess like regular candy.

The magic of freeze drying

Freeze drying preserves food by removing almost all its water content. The process involves freezing the candy, then placing it in a vacuum. The water in the candy turns into vapor and leaves the candy dry and crunchy. 

This keeps the flavor and nutrients intact while giving freeze dried candies their signature crunch. So, while regular gummy bears might melt into a sticky puddle on a hot day, your freeze dried gummy bears will stay crispy and delicious.

Myth: Freeze dried candy is unhealthy

Some people believe freeze dried candy is unhealthy because it seems like regular candy. But the freeze drying process doesn't add extra calories or sugar. It simply removes water. If you start with a healthy piece of fruit, like a strawberry, it stays healthy after freeze drying. 

Freeze dried candies made from fruits also contain vitamins and minerals. The only difference is the water is gone, making it lighter and crunchier. So, a freeze dried strawberry is still a strawberry without the juice!

Freeze dried candy flavors

Some think it tastes bland. This is far from the truth. Freeze drying locks in the flavor of the original candy or fruit. The flavors become more concentrated because there's no water to dilute the taste. If you start with a flavorful piece of fruit or a tasty candy, the freeze dried version will pack an even bigger punch. It's like a flavor explosion in every bite!

The crunch factor

Freeze dried candy stays crunchy, while regular candy gets sticky or melts. The answer lies in the structure of freeze dried candies. Removing water during freeze drying creates tiny pockets of air. 

These air pockets give freeze dried candies their crunchy, unique texture. Because there's no water to make the candy sticky, it stays crunchy even in humid conditions. So, your freeze dried candies will remain crisp and delicious, no matter the weather.

Myth: Freeze dried candy is expensive

It seems expensive, but it's important to consider the benefits. Freeze dried candies are lightweight, easy to store, and have a long shelf life. They also retain most of their nutritional value and flavor. When you factor in these benefits, freeze dried candy costs don't seem so high. Plus, you can often find deals or buy in bulk to save money.

Cooking with freeze dried candy

Freeze dried candy isn't only for snacking. It also is a fun and versatile ingredient in the kitchen. Crush freeze dried candies and sprinkle them on ice cream, yogurt, or cereal for added crunch and flavor. 

Use them in baking to add a unique texture and taste to cookies, cakes, and other desserts. Because they don't melt, you may experiment with freeze dried candies in ways that wouldn't work with regular candy.

Myth: Freeze dried candy is hard to find

Some think freeze dried candy is hard to find. However, with the growing popularity of freeze drying, these tasty treats are becoming more widely available. You’ll find freeze dried candies in specialty stores, online shops, and even some supermarkets. 

If you're feeling adventurous, you can even make your own freeze dried candy at home with a freeze dryer. The possibilities are endless!

Freeze dried candy vs. dehydrated candy

People often confuse freeze dried candy with dehydrated candy, but they're not the same. Both processes remove water, but they do it differently. Dehydration uses heat to evaporate water, which changes the texture and flavor of the candy. 

Freeze drying uses cold and low pressure, preserving the candy's original flavor and texture. This is why freeze dried candies are crunchier and more flavorful than their dehydrated counterparts.

Freeze Dried Charleston Chew and Skittles

Have you tried freeze dried Charleston Chew or freeze dried Skittles? If not, you're missing out on a game-changing treat! Get ready to experience these classics in a whole new way.

These candies get a whole new life through freeze drying. Freeze dried Charleston Chew becomes an extra crunchy, chewy delight, while freeze dried Skittles turn into crispy, tangy bursts of flavor. 

These treats are perfect for anyone looking for a new twist on their favorite candies. The freeze drying process makes their flavors pop, turning them into irresistible snacks.

Freeze dried salt water taffy

Ever experienced freeze dried salt water taffy? This nostalgic treat gets a modern makeover through freeze drying. The result is a light, airy version that melts in your mouth with an intense burst of flavor. 

Each piece transforms from its usual chewy texture into a crunchy delight, offering a fun and unique way to enjoy a beachside favorite. Freeze dried salt water taffy packs all the sweet, salty goodness without the stickiness, making it a perfect addition to your candy collection.

Myth: Freeze dried candy contains preservatives

Some worry that freeze dried candy contains preservatives to keep it fresh. However, the freeze drying process itself acts as a natural preservative. By removing almost all the moisture, freeze drying prevents the growth of bacteria and mold. 

This means freeze dried candies will stay fresh for a long time without added chemicals. So, when you enjoy a piece of freeze dried candy, you’ll feel good knowing it's free from preservatives.

Storing freeze dried candy

Proper storage is key to keeping your freeze dried candies fresh and crunchy. Store them in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. This keeps moisture out and preserves their texture and flavor. You may also use vacuum-sealed bags for long-term storage. If you keep them properly stored, your freeze dried candies will stay delicious for months or years.

Myth: Freeze dried candy is only for kids

Freeze dried candy isn't only for kids. Adults love these tasty treats, too! With their intense flavors and satisfying crunch, freeze dried candies appeal to all ages. Whether you're looking for a healthy snack or a fun ingredient for your next recipe, freeze dried candies fit the bill. 

So, don't be shy — grab a bag of freeze dried candy and enjoy it!

Freeze dried candies make a great conversation starter at parties and gatherings. Their unique texture and bold flavors impress even the most discerning snack enthusiasts. Plus, they offer a nostalgic twist that brings back childhood memories while providing a modern, gourmet treat.

Perfect travel snack

Freeze dried candy makes a perfect travel snack. It's lightweight, doesn't melt, and has a long shelf life. Whether hiking in the mountains or flying across the country, freeze dried candies are easy to pack and won't get sticky or messy. Their crunchiness makes them satisfying, and their concentrated flavors make them a tasty treat on the go.

Nutritional benefits

Freeze dried candy can be nutritious, especially when made from fruits. The freeze drying process retains most of the vitamins and minerals found in fresh fruits. This means you get a crunchy, delicious snack that's also good for you. Look for freeze dried candies made from whole fruits with no added sugars or preservatives, which are the healthiest options.

Freeze dried candy is here to stay

Now that you know the truth about freeze dried candies, you can enjoy these tasty treats without any misconceptions. Whether you're a fan of freeze dried strawberries, apples, or even ice cream, there's a freeze dried candy with ultimate flavors out there for you. So go ahead, crunch away, and savor the sweet, satisfying taste of freeze dried delights!

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