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6 Advantages of Freeze Dried Food Over Frozen Food

6 Advantages of Freeze Dried Food Over Frozen Food

Apr 26, 2022

Janette dArgy

If you are trying to figure out how to gear up your food storage, consider stockpiling Freeze Dried foods. They have many advantages over similar long-term food storage options.

What is Freeze Dried Food Good For?

There are many ways to use Freeze Dried foods. They are a popular item for long-term food storage and make excellent snacks or additions to your favorite foods. 

Frozen foods are similar to Freeze Dried foods in that both are preserved when they are at their freshest state. When you eat either frozen or Freeze Dried foods, you are eating food in its most nutritious state. 

If these have similar nutritional benefits, why would one be better than the other? Before you go out and get an extra deep freezer, consider these advantages of Freeze Dried food over frozen food.

It Lasts Longer

It’s incredible how much we depend on our freezers. They preserve food for such a long time. But are there limits? Yes, you can only keep food in the freezer for so long without the food going bad.

Freezing has its limitations. If food is inappropriately packed or is stored in your freezer too long, frost can form directly on the food, and freezer burn can set in. Even though freezer-burned foods are still safe to eat, the burns impact the flavor, making eating your food much less enjoyable.

Not considering freezer burn, you should typically consume frozen foods within the first couple of months of freezing.

Freeze Dried foods, on the other hand, can last up to 25 years when stored properly. After over two decades, Freeze Dried foods will still have their color and flavor.

It Preserves the Nutrients

There are a lot of essential nutrients in food that our bodies need to survive. Some of these vitamins, like Vitamin C, have a shelf life. These vitamins attach themselves to free radicals in your body, a process that helps filter out toxic materials. 

Vitamins degrade the fastest in water. Since freeze drying removes most of the water from food, the vitamins in that food last longer than if the food were preserved some other way. 

Freeze drying food is a great way to preserve the nutritional value of food. 

Requires Zero Energy to Maintain

Frozen food requires a freezing and stable environment. Unless you live in a location of perpetual cold, maintaining frozen food will require some sort of a freezer. 

There are three big problems with freezers:

  1. The storage capability/size ratio.
  2. The price.
  3. The energy consumption.

Home freezers have a limited storage capacity. Even though they tend to be very bulky and heavy machines, most of your storage space is crowded because bulky machine components take up much of your freezer’s volume.

Freezers can be very expensive. If you don’t have a lot of room in the freezer portion of your dual-function fridge, you may be considering purchasing an entirely new unit just to keep your frozen foods good. 

Maintaining cold temperatures requires a lot of constant energy, more than most of your appliances. Not only is your freezer an energy leech if the power goes out, but you could also lose all your food storage.

Without electricity, your freezer will gradually warm to room temperature with everything inside it. 

Conversely, Freeze Dried food has no energy cost to maintain. Once your food has been Freeze Dried, you just need to keep it stored in a cool and dry space.

More Portable

If you need to move or are planning on an extended trip, it’s not likely that you’ll be able to keep your frozen food on hand. Frozen foods cannot be removed from freezing temperatures for too long before they begin to thaw. Once your food has thawed, you must eat it or risk freezing your moist collection of foods into a solid chunk.

The next best alternative to perishables is canned and box foods. These foods will last months and years longer than unpreserved food. The biggest problem with them — other than being soggy — is that they are bulky and heavy, not optimal for storing in your car or a backpack for a trip.

Packing Freeze Dried foods is a much simpler task. Freeze Dried foods will likely last the duration of your trip. As another bonus, you won’t have to worry about trying to maintain them at a certain temperature. 

Mixes Well With Wet and Dry Foods

If you want versatility in your long-term food storage, you should stock up on Freeze Dried foods. 

Foods preserved through freeze drying are already used in popular food brands. You can find them included in breakfast cereal and baking mixes. Most Freeze Dried foods can be rehydrated close to their original texture, making them popular to include in food items.

Freeze Dried foods are an excellent solution if you are in a pinch and need a specific type of food or just want to add some variety to a meal. You can add them to a trail mix for a dry, delicious snack, or you may add them to a soup or baked goods for additional flavor and texture.

Better for Camping and Emergency Kits

Frozen foods aren’t the best types of preserved food to keep in your vehicle or take camping. The short shelf life outside the freezer makes them impractical to keep in a 72-hour kit or to take camping.

Freeze Dried foods offer the best compromise. Because they have almost no water in them, they are much lighter than any other type of preserved food. Their size and weight make them perfect for keeping in a 72-hour kit or with your camping gear.

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