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10 Benefits of Freeze-Dried Candy

10 Benefits of Freeze Dried Candy

Sep 21, 2022

Janette dArgy

Freeze Dried candy is one of the best things ever. If you haven’t tried it yet, let us give you all the reasons why you should experience this flavor explosion! In our experience, it’s a world of discovery and surprises the first time someone tries Freeze Dried candy. You’ll surely find plenty of your own benefits as you snack on these deliciously unique treats. Here are ten benefits of Freeze Dried candy that we’ve thought of to whet your appetite.

1. Deliciously Puffy

If you’ve ever tried Freeze Dried candy, you know that most of it balloons up to several times its original size. This gives it a crispy, crunchy, foamy texture that quickly dissolves when it touches your tongue. Not all candy comes out the same. For example, Mambas tend to hold their shape longer than Milk Duds. You may have never thought to try Skittles with the texture of a meringue cookie. But once you try it, you’ll never go back.

2. Intensified Flavor

One of the wonders of freeze drying is how it maintains the flavor of the original food so well . And since the water is removed, the flavor is concentrated. The only moisture is what is already in your mouth, and that dissolves the Freeze Dried candy surprisingly fast, giving you a rush of flavor similar to cotton candy. But when was the last time you had cotton candy that tasted like Bit-O-Honey or Starburst? It’s an experience you’ve got to have!

3. Never Goes Stale

Do you remember collecting bags full of Halloween or Easter candy? You might have collected so much that you simply couldn’t eat it all in one day. Eventually, you may have realized you could optimize your enjoyment by stretching it out as long as possible. The only flaw in this plan was that pretty much all of it was stale after a month. If it didn’t ruin your teeth with cavities, it might just break them. Let's say you have Freeze Dried candy in your possession but don’t eat it for a few months. What would happen to it? Nothing. If properly stored, Freeze Dried candy can go many years without changing texture or flavor. The hardest part will be to hide it from your kids.

4. Better for Dental Work

Speaking of teeth, Freeze Dried candy is actually much better for teeth, especially teeth that have had dental work done. Freeze Dried candy is much better for you than other types of candy, including stale candy! It’s easy for regular candy to get stuck in your teeth, especially if you have spacers or spaces. If it’s bad enough, you might have to go to the dentist to have the candy removed. We don’t want that! Freeze Dried candy is an entirely different experience. It’s safer for spacers, fillings, dentures, and braces. Freeze Dried caramel could be a game changer. Of course, to be safe, you should always consult your dentist before eating any kind of candy!

5. It’s Lightweight

As it turns out, the water removed by freeze drying accounts for much of the weight of candy and other food. This makes Freeze Dried candy ideal as a backpacking treat because it won’t add much weight to your load. This feature also makes Freeze Dried candy perfect for shipping. Less weight means cheaper postage. This is great for sending in a finals prep kit to your college student, a care package to your missionary, or a birthday surprise to your grandchild.

6. It’s a Great Investment

You may have experienced some shockingly high rates of inflation in your lifetime. This is a good reason to stock up on food storage in general. Freeze Dried candy can last 25 years if kept in the right conditions. This means you'll be set up for the long haul despite what might happen with the price of candy and other foods in the future.

7. It’s Wonderfully Scientific

Freeze drying candy comes with an entirely scientific process, including sublimation, why Freeze Dried candy expands, what makes it better, and more. Check out our rundown of how the process works!

8. Great for Tasting Parties

Freeze Dried candy is still novel enough that most people haven’t tried every kind. This makes it great for bringing people together. You can pass samples around and have everyone guess what candy they’re trying. You’ll most likely surprise some of your guests with what candy they’ve sampled. Freeze Dried candy is such a unique experience. Everyone will have a great time and be hooked on Freeze Dried goodies.

9. No Need to Rehydrate

Most Freeze Dried food is meant to be stored long-term and then rehydrated. And it’s excellent for this purpose because it doesn’t change anything about the food. In fact, it rehydrates much faster than dehydrated food. But Freeze Dried candy is meant to be eaten without rehydrating it. Your saliva does that, which is a big part of the experience. This makes it an effortless and quick snack that you can eat anywhere.

10. It’s Different

Arguably, this is the most important benefit of Freeze Dried candy. You get to taste your favorite candy flavors but in a completely new way. Want to try a regular Snickers? Go for it. Want to enjoy Freeze Dried Snickers? Try your favorite candy in a brand-new way. It might just blow your mind! Freeze Dried candy starts with a crunchy texture but instantly melts in your mouth for a bind-mending experience you weren’t expecting. It makes life exciting and just the right amount of unpredictability.


Has our list of benefits made you curious about Freeze Dried candy? Good! We want you to experience our favorite way to enjoy the most popular sweets. It’s something you’ve got to experience for yourself. And we have you covered! We have a wide variety of different Freeze Dried candies to choose from, including sample packs. You’ll love Freeze Dried candy and forever want it in your house to snack on! Browse our website and order yours today. Candy Jan is your ultimate source for the best Freeze Dried candy available.