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It's your ticket to exploring a world of intensified caramel goodness, all from the wild side of our kitchen to the cozy corners of yours.


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Grab this Candy Jan bundle and get ready to taste freeze dried candies in a whole new way.

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Let's take a closer look at the different candies included in our Freeze Dried Candy Sampler:

Classic Caramel Bites: Discover the magic of freeze dried classic caramels, where the rich, buttery sweetness intensifies within a delightfully crisp texture. Each piece offers a melt-in-your-mouth experience, blending the timeless taste of traditional caramels with an innovative crunchy twist.

Dilk Mudes: Sink your teeth into freeze dried Dilk Mudes and experience the classic chewy caramel treat transformed into a light, crunchy snack with a deeply caramelized flavor that's both nostalgic and novel. This unique twist on Dilk Mudes elevates the candy to a new level of indulgence, making every bite a delightful surprise.

Chocolate Caramel Crunches: Experience the magic of freeze dried Chocolate Caramel Crunches, where the silky caramel and milk chocolate core evolves into a crisp, airy delight that melts in your mouth with an intensified sweetness. 

This innovative take on the classic candy offers a fascinating texture contrast. Here’s the kicker, chocolate is not the most “freeze dried” friendly morsel, but in this scenario, delicious Chocolate Caramel Crunches chocolate sings with the crispy melody of caramel. 

Caramel Apple Suckers: Bite into a freeze dried caramel apple sucker and get ready for a crunchy surprise where tangy apple meets creamy caramel in an unexpectedly airy form. It's like autumn's best treat got a cool, crisp makeover, turning the old-school sucker into a new-school snack sensation.

Indulge in the crunch without the ouch! Our freeze-dried caramel apple pops promise all the flavor without risking your crowns or dentures. It's the sweet treat that keeps your smile intact.

Curious about what’s actually in these tasty treats? 

☝️ Click the link above on your favorite candy and discover a list of ingredients.

Check Out Candy Jan's Freeze Dried Caramel Collection!

This isn't only sampling; it's an adventure into a crunchier, caramel-infused universe where every bite is a defiance of ordinary sweetness.

Boasting a shelf life that scoffs at the very notion of expiration. We're talking about the amazballz shelf-life of 25 years! These caramel delights are your perfect companions for wilderness explorations, world travels, or on-the-go indulgence.

Step into our caramel collection and get ready for a wild ride. Your favorite snacks have transformed, now packed with a punch of flavor and that crunch you can't resist – welcome to caramel heaven!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Catherine Benjamin (Atlanta, US)

Love the Carmel taste. Enjoyed them very much. Would definitely recommend them.

Paula Hatch (Twin Falls, US)
Absolutely delicious 😋

Best freeze dried candy I've ever had, and I e tried a lot of different brands. Candy Jan is top quality. Highly recommend to everyone. You have to try it for yourself self.

Madelyn Sagario (Tucson, US)

Still haven’t got

Carolyn Vargas (Auburn, US)
Sweet treats

Amazing could not get enough ‘n the ty for shopping email was very kind shows I’m valued as a customer will return

P.B. (Sydney, AU)

Didn't realise they were soooo nice

Jody Giltjes (Mendota, US)
Fun by the mouthful!

Loved your stuff! Will order again soon!

Haylee Ingram (Glendora, US)
Delicious goods!

The honey was the most wonderful texture I have ever put in my mouth. Will be returning soon!

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